Watch this video to get an insight to one of our house churches in Oslo!

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This is house church

You will easily be confused when christians talk about church today. “See you in church on Sunday!”“Are you going to church today?”“I love their new church, but it cost a lot of money!”

Actually this way of speaking of church is quite far from reality. The bible reveals a foundational truth to us: The church is not a building, but God's family with a mission. Simple, but crusial for how you live and think of your life with God. When we talk about the church, we should think in terms of who rather than what or where. The church is not a building or meetings, but those who follow Christ that is gathered together.

Why house church?

The bible explains that church is present in three dimensions:

  • The universal church

  • The church in the city

  • The house church

Church is not about where you meet, but about the nature in the fellowship and the quality of the people. A house church can be on a bus, the local pub and even at mountain hiking, not necessarily in a house. On the contrast, a life distant and religious meeting has just as much in common with church as a teddybear has with the genes of a bear.

House churches is God's strategy! Jesus told us to look for persons of peace that would open up their entire network like Cornelius and Lydia in Acts. When the Spirit of God changes a family or a group a friends from the inside out, the good news will spread to new networks. Those people – the house church – is a living expression of the kingdom of God that is dragging heaven here more effectively than anything else.

People, not meetings

Jesus told as to make disciples, not meetings and programs. That is why we must focus on discipling people, starting with ourselves. When God is opening a door to a network you can train those people in their area – eating dinner, play with children, wash the dishes or going to the store. In this environment you can teach them to obey Jesus and to give the gospel to their friends. By asking questions with the help and wisdom of Holy Spirit it is easier to fill in what is missing in their faith.

Build with right team

The bible is using building terms to explain how the church will grow, so make sure you have the right team! Do not be one that is struggling alone with a never-ending and frustrating renovating project. It is easier – and more fun – to work together with people that are skilled in that area. In that way the house will be finished, and not only that – it will be beautiful and solid.
So where do you find the right people for your team? Pray to God and he will connect you with the people you need.

Together you will be a family with a mission, a disciple-making fellowship that is changing the society with Gods love.

This is what we call Welife.


Based on chapter 48 in "Him'len hit"!