1. Do what it takes


Finding the one isn’t always easy. How important is it to you? Are you ready to do what it takes? 

The best man doesn’t always get the job, but the one who makes the best impression. The best guy doesn’t always get the best girl, but the one who knows how to behave.

Some people are naturals, while others need more time to learn. This also goes for dating. Easy for some, demanding for others. If you’re used to improvise in other areas, maybe you need to prepare on this one.

1. Get the right qualities!

Are you struggling in social settings? Do you admire the small-talkers? It doesn’t take that much to learn. It’s worth learning people-skills! There are a lot of people on this planet.  

Some say, “If I have to change to find someone, I’ll let it be!” What kind of attitude is that? Don’t you want to be better? This is a good time to start changing. 

In his book, God tells the guys, everybody should learn how to get a wife*. If God says we should learn, it can’t be that hard! He will help us! But he won’t do it for us!

2. Go for it! 

A young man I know, got in contact with a really nice girl recently. After some time she ended it because he didn’t reply to her e-mails. How important is it to find someone? Important enough to make the time?

Sometimes “Mr. or Miss Right” just pops up out of nowhere. But don’t count on it! People who experience that don’t need to work less to build the relationship. Daydreaming or comparing is not very helpful.

3. Make a plan and be practical! 

Do you think it’s unromantic to plan? It’s actually pretty exciting. If you are waiting for the guy to make a move, there are many things you can do to speed up the process. You can make sure he notices you, and discreetly help him in making the first move. He may very well be a good guy even though he has yet to learn how to take the initiative.

Do not let your past experiences stop you! What lies ahead is not that difficult! In the next articles I’ll show you some practical steps.

This is the first article. Make sure you also read the next article: 'Stinking socks'. It will give you important tips that might save you from doing crucial mistakes.


* 1. Thessalonians 4.

Knut G. Osland