Live the priority list of Jesus


Family with a mission

As a family with a mission, we want to encourage, help and train each other to follow God in everyday life.
We believe in close relationships, spending time together, not just in meetings, but on a regular basis. We eat together, have fun, and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in everyday life. Our mission includes both sharing God's Good News with people around us and to help new disciples join the mission. We also want to inspire churches to focus on disciple-making.

How it started

In 2007 Knut and Elisabeth Osland moved from Bergen to Oslo, believing that the time had come for OSLO, the capital city OF NORWAY 

The summer before we moved, we evaluated our 30 years of ministry and talked about what we wanted to do the next 20 years until retirement. In 2007 we got the opportunity to start something from the beginning. We decided to follow the priority list of Jesus:

1. Prayer
2. Training disciples
3. Sharing the good news

For Jesus, prayer was number one. As number two he trained the 12 men that he later gave the commission to make all people into disciples. Next, he shared the Good News and healed the sick. 

We asked God to give us young men and women that we could train to do the same things that we are doing. To multiply disciples often takes much time in the beginning but God has heard our prayers. We are extremely proud of the good, wholehearted, and eager people that we get to work with. Together with them, we have started several house churches in 5 cities in eastern Norway since the beginning. We have baptized well over 100 people since 2010 and believe that this is just the beginning!

Three practical tips for anyone who wants to be a part of the world's most important mission!



We is the new me


We are in Europe!



Team started in 2007

We started with 3 people, Knut, Elisabeth and Paul in 2007. The last years God has multiplied us into 80 disciples in Norway. We now have 5 house churches in Oslo, with around 50 disciples, and we also have house churches in Tønsberg, Porsgrunn, Skien and Halden.

As a multiplicational disciple movement, we are called to make all nations into disciples by baptizing them, teaching them to follow Jesus in their everyday life and train them to share their story, Gods story and God´s ABC.

Kjetil and Selja Aas are overseeing the church as elders, together with Rune and Maria Solheim.




In 2015 God has connected Knut and Elisabeth Osland with four couples in Poland: "Knut and Elisabeth moved to Warsaw as an answer to our prayers. We asked God for spiritual parents and wanted to see Poland full of house churches with disciples of Jesus Christ.

To make it happen we needed a solid foundation in our lives. We learned how to share the good news and teach God's ABC in an easy way. Because we got a spiritual father who could help us, we also became mothers and fathers to many new believers.

From 8 people in 2015 God multiplied us so that we now are 180 disciples. God helped us start house churches in many cities in our country. In Warsaw we have 6 house churches with 70 disciples. We also have disciples in Rzeszow, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin and Gliwice. And this is just the beginning! God is doing great things in Poland using ordinary people. We can see now that harvest is ready. We believe that we can change Europe by making disciples."

Leaders in Poland are Lukasz Dudek, Magda Stanna from Warsaw and Andrzej Hawro from Rzeszow.




Team started in march 2018

Knut and Elisabeth started praying that God would connect them with 12 key people among Ukrainians. They got a prophecy about people in Kiev who were waiting for them. 

"Many prophets were saying there is going to be a great Revival among Russian speaking people in post Soviet Union countries. We believe this can happen only trough being obedient to Jesus and do what He told us - to make all people His disciples. This is our heart and passion to see this society changed and transformed according to God's will". 




Since 2003 Knut and Elisabeth have traveled to Asia many times. They are in touch with influential leaders several places and have been helping them by teaching them, training them and encouraging them to build solid teams and work together.

We have seen great things happen in Asia during these years and our contacts there are overseeing more that 1200 house churches. We have also been involved in the helping of building two orphanages, one for girls which was finished in 2012 and one for boys which was opened in May 2018. It is amazing to see how these children are transformed as they meet the love and care from devoted women and men leading this work.