A Talk in the Park is a video series, where we talk about life with God and each other, WeLife. What does it look like to have a relationship with our Father? How can we enjoy happy marriages? In the next five weeks, we'll upload a new video every week.


1. From Religion To Relationship

Do we have to follow religous rules and rituals to be good Christians? Should we try to copy the heroes from Church history? Life with our God was never meant to be about the do’s and dont’s.

There isn’t a list we have to fulfill to be good enough. Life is about knowing Him. Him who sacrificed himself for us to know him. In this video Knut and Hanna talk about how we can have a relationship with our Creator.

3. From Pastors To Parents

God’s idea of church is family. For new believers to grow up and become strong Christians they need spiritual parents that can help them in every day life. The apostle Paul fought for the disciples night and day. He taught them in the homes and in public. He didn’t hold back on anything that could help them grow.

In this video, Knut and Hanna talk about God’s plan for his family.

5. From Addition To Multiplication

If you want your church to grow before Christmas, don’t do multiplication. Multiplication is slow in the beginning. But if you want to see your continent changed in your generation, you might consider it after all. The Kingdom of God, is like a mustard seed. The smallest seed become the biggest tree.

In this video Knut and Kristine talk about how we can see Europe filled with thousands of house churches in the years to come, by giving what we have received to faithful, available and teachable people.

2. Happy Together

Marriage is a wonderful thing! But there is a reason that we say "for better or for worse" in our vows. Even the strongest marriages go through rough patches.

In this video Knut and Elisabeth, married for 37 years, share openly about what has been important for them to build a strong marriage.


4. From Teachers To Trainers

Jesus gave us a mission to go out and train disciples. 
It is helpful to have the same attitude toward spiritual
training as we have toward physical exercise.

In this video Knut and Paul talk about how to train disciple makers, using everyday life situations like: bringing up kids, living peacefully with your spouse or being an employee.