Oh Lord, won't you give me...

Finding the one can be hard.
Have you ever thought about
co-operating with your Creator
in that process?

Not only does God love us more than we love ourselves, but God is also an expert in linking together people that suit each other. If you co-operate with Him, you will get great results!

Here is step no 8. in the series “Find the One!” Make sure you also read the previous text "They might be able to help".

God, who in the beginning of time led Eve to Adam is interested in helping each and every one of us in finding “the One.” God is a good father, interested in all aspects of our lives. God joins people together (1), and He wants to lead us in our search for our partner for life. We just need to let Him.

Seek first the Kingdom of God

Jesus said that when we seek the Kingdom of God and what is right in His eyes first, everything else will be given to us as well (2). Millions of people have experienced that this promise is for real. Before we get to know God, we might be a bit apprehensive about letting Him in on all areas of our life: “What kind of a partner will I end up with, if I let God have a say in it?” The thing is that no one has greater expertise than God in this situation. Seek His will first, and God will bless your life in all respects! 

Don’t be overly spiritual

In order to avoid frustration, it is important that we understand the “division of labour” God has set. He does not do the work for us, but He will lead us when we do what we are supposed to. Many people sit around waiting for God to find them a partner. That is not very wise, since He has said: “each of you should learn to acquire a wife in a way that is holy and honorable.” (3)

God leads us when we are proactive, not when we just sit and wait for something to happen. If we are about to go wrong, He will adjust our course: “This is the way; walk in it.” (4) 

Be specific in your prayers

Even when the need was obvious, Jesus asked: “What do you want me to do for you?” (5) God wants us to pray, even though He already knows what we need. He lays His own dreams and desires in us and asks us to describe what we want.

Even though it is not necessary to go into detail, it is important to be specific when you pray! Prayer is not a monologue. Expect God to answer you and listen carefully to what He has to say. The Bible is full of promises of what God will do for you and by reading the scriptures in the context of your own life will strengthen your faith.

Believe that God will lead you!

The Bible explains that faith is visible through our actions (6). When we have prayed, it is time to act. This is when we trust God to prepare the way, without our help and without us having to feel anything. It is not guaranteed that God will give you the one you have a crush on in that particular moment, but have faith that you will get the right person in the end. If it does not happen immediately, there is no reason to give up. Faith and patience are a good combination! (7)


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