Looking for a partner?

A young woman made a list of men
she would like to know better.
A year later she got married with
the one on the top of her list.

Now, I do not have a habit of reading love stories, but I do not think many of them include compiling lists of possible partners. Indeed, it may sound kind of unromantic, but it just might do the trick.

Who do you know?

Have you ever thought someone you already know might be “the One”? How about one of your friends, fellow students, or colleagues? What do you do in your free time? Do you belong to a church? Is there anyone there that you might consider to be a possibility as a potential life partner? If the answer is no – why is that? A girl once had a good connection with one of her colleagues, but did not see him as a potential boyfriend because he was not what she considered “her type.” A friend thought it would not do any harm for her to spend some time with him. It took a while before she got it, but as time went by she discovered he was just the kind of man she needed and wanted! 

Do you need to widen your social circle?

If you find out that there are no possibilities among the people you already know, it may be that you need to mingle with people from another setting. If you are a Christian, you could always visit another congregation, or attend a conference over the weekend. Does that sound like too much like hard work? Maybe you should think through just how important it is to you to find a love of your own. You may not have considered this, but you might actually want to put some time and effort into widening your social circle.

Do not disregard your friends!

A couple of months ago Elisabeth and I had a nice young girl over to visit and it was natural to ask whether she had “anything going on.” Her response was “no”, she could not think of anyone she knew that could be a potential partner. After I mentioned some of the guys she knew, she suddenly saw the light and she started to think of her friends in a different way. Soon after changing her way of thinking it was not long before she hooked up with one of them.

In matters of the heart, it can often be helpful to get someone else’s opinion. The Bible tells us that with many advisors our plans succeed*. Our next topic will look at seeking the right person to go to for help – and how to go about it.

* Proverbs 15.22 (NIV)