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Susanna's Story


Friendship with God

Did you know that God wants us to be his friends? He's not interested in religion, but relationships! Check out this short video and hear more!

How to love difficult people?

Jesus told us to love everybody! But how do we love the difficult ones? Watch this short video and find out. 

What is the Bible all about?

The Bible is a very thick book! It will take at least 100 hours to read through it. But what is it really about? Take 3 minutes and find out! 


- People want to hear! They really do!

Elin, a 48-year old mother and full time teacher has been a Christian for many years, but never been comfortable sharing the Gospel with people. - I've always dreamed of being a bold witness for Jesus, but it stayed with the dream. Until recently, then something changed. What happened? Well, she'll tell you herself in this video. 

- I won't eat, sleep or drink before I get this, God!

Lukasz had heard that as a Christian he was entitled to a secret language, and he was willing to do what it took to get it. Hear him tell the inspiring story here! 


A life-changing attitude

To live for more than ourselves and our own plans is a choice we make everyday!
Ylonka tells about the important change of attitude she had! 


- I was so frustrated, I started crying!

When you play in the third division, you get by on imperfect technique, but when Mathias started playing soccer at an elite level, his mid-level skills didn't hold up! He had to learn the basics to become the best! To make that - you need the right attitude! Listen to the inspiring story of what Mathias learned as a professional soccer player! 

- I didn't care about what others thought about me. All I wanted was reach my goal!

Before he was stopped by poor health, Sondre was on his way to become a professional soccer player. He was known as the roughest player in his area and didn't care about what other people thought about him. When he had to give up on his dream, he could have retired. Luckily, he found a greater goal! Listen to his story here. 

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The Great Commission

Here are three practical tips for anyone who wants to be a part of the world's most important mission!
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Wielki nakaz misyjny

Der grosse Auftrag

Det store oppdraget


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You correct the ones you love!

You want to grow? Reach your goals? 
Sucessful people will tell you that feedback, positive and negative, is key in reaching your goals. If you got the right attitude, you will find both very helpful. In this video Paul tells us how. 

- I want to be the best version of myself!

Silje has decided to become the best version of herself so she can be a blessing for many! 

Lessons from a professional drummer

We have our first inspirational nugget out!
Rune tells how he became one of the best drummers in Norway and how he uses those lessons to succeed in life. 

Do what it takes!

Snorre knows what it means to go all-in for a football career. Now he brings the same attitude into the work for the most important mission in the world! 

- The difficult we do immideatly, the impossible takes a little longer!

What can we learn from the attitudes they teach in the military? In this video Paul talks about what he has learned. 

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Family with a Mission

24. 10. 2015   Paul and Kristine are the parents of two small children. He is a teacher, she is a nurse. Like any other family, they lead a busy life. In this documentary they give us a peak into how they manage to live everyday church in the middle of it all.


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